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Library Department

There are 10935 Georgian, 11654 Russian and 6496 other foreign books in the field of humanities kept at the main depositories of the Library of the National Center of Manuscripts. The Library also counts 3096 Georgian, 7285 Russian and about 4000 other foreign journals.

The main part of the Library books and journals are kept at depositories, encyclopedias, dictionaries and referral literature in the reading hall of the library. 

The Library has an integrated catalogue that besides main depository catalogues, lists the catalogues of the books and journals kept at 6 memorial halls of the National Center of Manuscripts. 

Access to the Library and the Halls is free.



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The National Centre of Manuscripts is organizing a Summer School – “Georgian Manuscript” from 14th to 23th July 2014 in Tbilisi, Georgia. We invite you to participate.
On 17-21 october of 2014 The National Center of Manuscripts warmly invites scholars from different fields of research to submit proposals for the International Conference “Tao-Klarjeti”. This is the third conference on the issue.
On December 30, Ambassador of the United States of America to Georgia Richard Norland with his family visited the National Centre of Manuscripts.
From July 16, 2013 International Summer School “Georgian Script” went at the National Centre of Manuscripts.
On March 20th Latvian Ambassador Elita Gavele visited the National Centre of Manuscripts. Ambassador saw historical and unique books kept in the Centre.